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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Last day of July

is coming to an end! This is the month where there are so many birthday celebrations going on. My polymate, bestie and mine birthday. So I am officially 25 years old! Ahem... half of fifty! Don't deny that time really flies after 21 years old.

Every year sbd do not failed to surprise me, he came to my cell grp with a ice cream cake from marble slab on Thursday (a day before my bdae). I was certainly surprised and shocked cause I kinda din expect him to do anything special. I am ok with just a simple dinner on the actual day thou as I've gotten my present way earlier than the actual day. One photo to share! Taken from iphone, not very clear and my hair is super messy here. haha

On the actual day, my niece came in my room in the morning singing birthday song and carry these 3 really cute Miffy! Behind the wording "Happy Birthday Winnie" , it written "From: with a heart shape", the heart shape can be scratch and it will show who is it from! Super creative and thoughtful too. I am super blessed to have these wonderful colleagues. They are the ones who left it outside my shoes rack and wanted to give me a surprise. :) I love these lil cute ones.

In the morning, I had a lil cutting cake session at the workplace with my colleagues and bosses. They bought the salted caramel cake for me. It was pretty sweet and rich! I thank god for blessing with me such wonderful colleagues. :) My big boss bought me a very pretty plant for me in the noon and I was kinda paiseh abt it but on the other hand I feel really touched by her gesture.
So after work, met sbd for dinner. Initially, I din know where we are going and I made a guess that is some Italian restaurant and sbd said I was quite smart to get it right! In the end is seafood paradise, we've wanting to go there but din have a chance and so finally we went there for the highly raved crabs! Wanted to catch a movie but all the shows only left with the first 2 rows, so we decided to skipped it and went to Scoopz at thomson road for some ice cream and games! With that we ended the day, all so tired and head back home. End of my birthday celebration's story. Just wanted to document it down before I forgets about it. Just for memories sake! hee. Tons of photos yet to be downloaded as well !

Before I forgets, my dearies bestie got me a Diana F+ pinkiee camera! I'm loving it so much just cause is pink and this is my very first toy camera that I have. Thank you miss chia! :)

Had an enjoyable night with her on Saturday's evening! It been quite a while the two of us went out to shop, eat dinner and chill. Some instant films we took. Whoa, this could have been the longest entries that I have blogged this year. I have got a layout to share! I think i will share it in the next blog post.


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Juanna Hope Sia said...

sounds like a lot of fun! i smile just reading this entry! blessed birthday once again! i thank God for creating you, a very sweet, creative child of God (: