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Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello readers!
Will be blogging at COLORSOFMEMORIES from now on.
Do head over there instead :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


For the past 1 week, it have been a really busy week for me. It never seemed to end early everyday! I have been hanging out real late till wee hours in the night. The cycle never ends thou. Is work and work. Nonetheless is month end and this means OT starts next week! I believed God will bless me. He who never gives up on me and there is one thing that I know for sure and that is God provides.

There isn't any scrapping work that I can share but I have done an album for my ex colleague. She wants me to do an album for her colleague who are got pregnant. So I have been trying hard to get it done as soon as possible and I really hope that she will like it :)

I have just sorted out all the flowers that I have just bought overseas! Is really a lot of them and I can't wait to use them in my layout. It is nicely packed in a basket! I think I have too much of it. Am thinking if I should try to sell some of it. Probably I will do up a sales page soon! What do you guys think about it? Let me know your thoughts ya! I have many felt as well ! They are in very unique colors. I will try to snap some photos and post it up soon :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Scrapwithv Moving Sale

Hello readers! Have you heard it? Scrapwithv is having a moving sale!
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Are you guys drooling over the beautiful kits that they have released?
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine Day

hello loves! Happy Valentine Day to all of you! I have finally made use of the shadow box that I bought last year at chatuchak from bangkok. I used it to do up a gift for sbd. :) The past week, I have made trips down to my local scrapbooking stalls and bought some beautiful ranges of pps. I decided on webster page! I like the design of the papers, it is so vintage and delicate as well. Giving it a very soft feel and romantic feelings. Let me share with you guys what I have done with it. Hopefully the photos of it is clear enough. In this shadow box, I have only uses one photo of us. I intended to use two photos! But guess what?? My printer refused to print out the other photo that I have selected after many tries! I guess is time for a new printer! This is with him now! Will try to take close up photos of it during this weekend.

{two of us}

:: sbd with the handmade with love gift ::
So what did you guys do today? Initially, we queued to buy movie tickets but all the shows that we want to watch only left the first 2 rows hence we decided to give it a miss. Sbd suggested some restaurant like fish & co. etc but there is long queue and is too commercialized! Hence, we decided to have a simple dinner at amk hawker with my fav hokkien mee and his hup hup noodle! All this are Singapore local food in case you might be wondering what it is. :)

After the dinner, we went to gardens to eat Udders ice cream. We order the choco marsh and minty balls with the waffle.
look at his funny expression!
There is something special about all the glass in the shop. They provide luminous markers for patrons to write down messages or to draw anything that you want! This is what mr bf have drawn. Make a guess what it is! haha
The day before Valentine day, mr bf came by to fetch me to eileen's house for chinese new year visiting. He pass me a pedro plastic bag and told me he bought the heels for me. So I believe him but when I took out the plastic bag it is the Piano Black Instant Camera! :D During the cny period, he noticed that I have been using the one that my sister bought for me when I was 21 yrs old and the alignment always shift to the right and the photo does not look straight! At that point of time, I have no intention to get a new one at all since the old one is still working! But he decided to get me a new one w/o telling me. ahah waste money! but anyhow I am a happy girl now! (but I still think with a new printer I will be happier. hehe)

me with my new polariod camera
Till then! Promised to be back real soon with all the layouts that I have done! (:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

{With You}

Happy Chinese New Year to fellow peeps! I am so sorry for the long hiatus! I hope I am not forgotten :)
This festive season is celebrated by all the Chinese around the world and this year in Singapore we have a long long weekends as it falls on a Thursday and Friday. I enjoyed myself very much with all the delicious food and tibits. Most importantly was to be able to see all my relatives, cousins and closed ones too. From Chinese New Year day 1 till day 4 I was busy visiting friends and relatives with SBD! Hence didn't gotten a chance to blog about it! Fret not, I will try to post some photos as soon as I got them from my sister.

Lets do some catching up with my scrapping layout! I have done the following layout using old Sassafras collections of paper and this reminded me what I hogger I am in the past. hee. I spent quite a bit of time at each square with the details but I had fun cutting out all the small elements from the paper. But there is one thing that I don't like is the photo! I think I probably need to change a printer sometime soonnnn.. Any recommendation for printer? The photo seemed so dull and dark ! But nonetheless do join me at scrapwithv with the sketch for Feb! And I am a happy girl as I just gotten on hand the latest my little shoe box collections of pps. :D Will share with you guys the layouts soon! :)

{With You}

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cosmo Cricket is love!

I have decided to make this post now! Hopefully I am in time for the nomination for Cosmo cricket DT. I start scrapping a few years back and all these while I have only been hogging on to those scrapping materials that I have bought. (oh no! i am such a hoarder!) Only till last year, I started digging out all of them and I found out that I have many packs of Cosmo Cricket papers! I am loving all of them and thus I uses the Jolly Golly collections to come up 2 Christmas layout for Dec 2010 Christmas. I also loves the togetherness collection! Below are my fave layouts that I have done using them:

Of course there are more layouts and my "FUN TIME" layout which is done by using Cosmo Cricket can't be posted here as they are out for publication! I hope I have inspired you with all my layouts! Anddd did I mention that I am loving the new collections of papers from Cosmo Cricket! I want to have EVERYTHING? can i? haha. Please nominate me as Cosmo Cricket new DT! Please click on this LINK to nominate me and alternatively please leave a comment at the facebook of Cosmo Cricket by saying "I nominate Winnie Chia! Here is her link". I am just trying my luck. Thank you very much! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Completes

Hello those who still dropby overhere! I have done a layout using my mind's eye collection of pp. I am loving how whimsical the images are and how the color combinations works out so well! The stamp that I used here is from unity co! Did I mention how much I like the american craft letterings? hehe. I have used it in most of my layouts nowadays! I can't wait for new collections of paper to be out for CHA! I think I deserved a serious shopping at my local store soon! I haven been buying any papers for quite a while but yet my papers at home does not seemed to lessen! :D I shall do something for my lovelies gals this valentine! Hopefully I can get it done on time this time round! Be back with more layouts soon!