Scrapbook Resume

Sunday, December 7, 2008

No matter how...

paper used: october afternoon
alpha: making memories and OA.
hambly used and chipboard.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Love Always.

journaling : i loves how you are there always for me :)
pp used:

I love her so!

i love my mother!
hence did a LO on this photos that we took at stadium
while waiting for Fireworks' 08
papers used: makingmemories Paperie
Reasons why i love her: filled with stickers from 7gypsies [mom maman]
title: uses AmericanCraft thickers
added crystal onto it :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

subaru challenge 2008, scrapbooking, layputs, halloween party

my photography skills is really not good. haha

pls make do with it !
so this is the full LO that i have done up ! :)

rem i mentioned doing another LO on friendship...
so here is goes.....

some long over due photos due to my procrastination.
there was this wed that ser, peiyi and me in search of costume for ser's Halloween party!
so this are all the hilarious photos that we took.
not many but it was fun !

Guess who is that??? sweeet peiyi in fairy tale dress

Another event that happen lately is the Subaru Challenge 2008

"tadeh!" so here is my er jie who took part in it!

so being very supportive of us.
we went down.
and stayed till her very first 5 mins break every 7 hours. haha

and that night was raining heavily and i tot she must have given up!
but to my surprise.. she did not. she managed to hang on to the very next day when da jie and me went down to support her again!
so her record is 24 hrs and 38 mins. haha
tats all for the past few weeekksss!
and i'm glad i have nice friends! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Cheeky Moments...

something that i did a while back using the October Afternoon pps.
i can't seemed to edit the full LO that i took.
so only posted part of it.
will post it up once i figure out how to edit the LO!
cheers :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


sizzix sidekick
as usual yesterday er jie and me went dwn to mwl.
it was the launch of the Big shotz.
and we participated in the lucky draw!
we din expect to win anything.
BUT when i checked out mwl's blog this morning....
i saw sister name was there!!! so happily i called both my sis. haha
very lucky .. we won the sizzix sidekick! happyy happy..
hehee.. first time we win something. haha
anyway the Sizzix Big Shot is amazing....
will get one soon when i start working! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cheeky - Love me for who i am

Cheeky - Love me for who i am
A simple layout that best describes me.
why i done this LO?
because i want to join the challenge held by madewithlove.
but i doubt will win ! cuz there are many very nice layout which is way better than mine :)
Material used : Craft papers, hamblys, and the arrow shown is chipboard
so with all these, i met the requirements of the challenge .

can go here to view the LOs of others. so nicee!

Monday, September 29, 2008

some random photos took!

so we had a lil celebration for elyn's birthday before she flew to bkk!

a lil surprised for her since she wasn't aware that we bought the cake for her.
we had steamboat at bugis. the food is niceee..
and michelle ate a lot a lot of golden mushroom and the chili is power!

the chili is mixed by michelle!
spicy and nice.

first round of steamboat

see the amount of golden mushroom..
this is only 1 of the many plates that we took!

pretty elyn and michelle
and finally i can post a photo of elyn! ahah

the 3 of us!
enjoying the steamboat
no matter hw much they ate they still don't feel full !

ta-deh! den came the cake.
her face was red because we sang the birthday song quite loud and she was shy! :)

a lil bdae card tat i made!
hope you like it ya...
thou i know you don't like the photos inside ahha

edddiee you are not forgotten!
and thanks for the steamboat treats. :)

sorry for leaving early eh!
we will have another round of steamboat very soon right!!!
this is a super late post, think was 1 or 2 week back.
i am lazy!
elyn hope you enjoyed urself tat day :)

Monday, July 14, 2008



went for a mini crop at Leena's place! she was really a good host.
and i have learnt quite a bit from her! hope that there will be a next one soon..
i am super happy becuz i have done 2 LO. thou 1 is not yet completed. hee
not forgetting ethan! the way he speak is really cute!



total there is 3 of us who went.
Valerie. Pammy and Me...!

stayed there till 8pm and miss serene came to fetch me!
off we went to holland village for dinner and chilling session.
had dinner at sushi tei and initially wanted to go over to cold rock for ice-cream.
but was pretty crowded. so we walked ard and chanced upon somewhr quiet and nice.

photos taken at sushi tei

i dunno what is this call. but this is really niceee ..

miss serene bought along her holga camera.
this is our first time using it! so not quite sure how the effect will turn out to be.
so must be patient and wait for the outcome when she develop it!

photos while chilling.
and guess what?
while we were gossiping and chit-chatting.
2 familiar faces pop up !!
so coincidental .. it was mr andy and jianhao with their fren poh. =)

our drinks.

some random photos that we took!

Ended the day with pic taken outside Frolicks!
oh ya. my twins for e day. miss serene.
we wore similarly. not planned at all.
it was a fun night ya! more to come k.
drive manual car more often serene! train leg muscle!!! ahha

Saturday, June 28, 2008

pieces of me.. jelly heart

So jelly heart arrived! Super nice and appealing.
Thanks to jie fu for sponsoring me! haha
So yest. i took half day leave to go for my scrapping lesson.
Went for lunch with my sistas.. ate Korean food agn.

prettyyy pretty and yummy.
jelly with a layer of cheesecake and biscuits. =)

sis like it a lot !
happy posing with the jelly.

This is the album that i have done! i have not yet completed it due to the lack of appropriate photos.