Scrapbook Resume

Monday, September 14, 2009

my saturday.

so fast! is sunday 11.02pm. (: i had a fufilling saturday. Attended a scrapping class making a mini album to mark the birth of an angel . But i have yet decided what photos to put it in! anyway, i had fun! i think is very relaxing and get to learn many new things and many gadgets to use to make e album pretty ! and i think really need a hair cut soon! my hair is so messy! (:

Photos of the album made! so pretty and sweet.


fun people who joined the class.




After the lesson, we went over to Brandon's hse to attend his baby girl's one year old birthday!

she is simply very cute. some photos to share!


she just smile so brightly and happy when she saw the red light on my camera! haha


the present and loving family.


the handmade banner!


and the theme is mickey mouse. ahha i went over to see kieren and kaley! played hide and seek with him. he is damn funny ! and he told me he very sad when he can't find me and thot i went home. and tats so sweet of him! haha but there is another side of him who is so terror! oh ya! and friday night miss chia came over my place to pass me some winter clothing and packed my wardrode with me! haha. now is so neat and clean! and took out clothes that i can wear to work! so i do not need to worry i got nothing to wear for work! heeee (: