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Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry X'mas!!!

hello everyone! It is exactly 4 days to Christmas! whooo.. are you done with the X'mas shopping ?? I have more or less prepared all my gifts for exchange! This year is pretty an exciting X'mas for me! I am gonna have a X'mas dinner at my friend house and we are doing potluck! Yummmyyy.. All the turkey, log cakes, gingerbread! hehe. How about you?? Share with me in this post by leaving a comment? Ok! Back to the layout that I am gonna share today! This photo is taken with my besties outside a shopping mall with the x'mas tree and I have used last year Christmas scrapping paper to do this up. Hope you all like it! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Finally is time for a break from the busy days at work! I was down with flu this week but yet I gotten drag myself to work to attend trainings and being a gd host to colleagues from China and India. It is prettty interesting as I get to know more about the different culture and the lifestyle they have back in their countries. It is a fulfilling week so far for me. How about yours?

Back to my scrapping journey, I have yet to share this LO that I have done up for scrapyourself a few days back. The letter that I gotten for this assignment is "U" hence the title that I have used it "US". This photo was taken a few years back when he was still in NS (National Service) and here in SG, it is required for guys to trim off all the hair! I would say is one of the most memorable photo of us.

Hope you all like this! :)
Head over to SCRAPYOURSELF to be inspired by the rest of the talented designers as while!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

MORE and MORE....

More and more layouts to share with all of you. :) Is time for Scrapwithv's Dec sketch again.
This time round I have made use of the fine dandy collection papers to do up a layout to celebrate the joyous occasions! Times do really flies, our friendship have been going on for 10 years. There will be definitely more of many "10 years" to come as well :)

Here is my take for Scrapwithv's Dec Sketch


I have also shared my X'mas layout on Scrapwithv. I love this photos that we have taken last year with the glittering X'mas tree outside ION shopping mall. I hope we can go there this year to take photo with the X'mas tree too! I am loving all my wonderful friends.

Hope you all like the layouts that I have shared today!
Thank you for looking.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Scrapwithv December Kits

TGIF! Finally the weekends is approaching, I am here today to share a few layouts that I have done using the Scrapwithv December kits! Every month, we are will received their monthly kits and this is so fun as I get to use things that I normally won't be using. If you like the layouts and wants to get the kits, head down to Scrapwithv to grab them before it is sold out. Inside the kit itself, you will also be given the instructions to do up the layouts. The kits can be used to do up 2 layouts as shown below:



That's all for today! Oh ya, remember to check out Scrapwithv as they will be holding their Cybercrop on the 10th December. There will be many fun challenges and great prizes to be won. So remember to bookmark this special day on your calendar! See you all around.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A little something to share!
Eunice from scrapoholics have picked my LO for the month of November.
And I can't wait to lay my hands on the Hamper that she is going to send to me!
I am loving the month of December. Is season of love and joy thou it will be a busy month for me.
Colleagues are coming over to SG next week and this means that my
weekdays will be super busy with training and being a host to them.
Took a little time off from work to type out this post, shall head off back to work before anyone finds out! :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Punky Scraps DT Blog Hop

Hello everyone, today I am sharing a good news with you guys. I am being selected as one of the designers for Punkyscraps and this is also the very first blog hop that I am involving in. If you are coming from Haley's blog then you are on the right track! Everyone in the team are sharing with all the readers on their fav layouts of the year. So here is my all time fav layout:

Happiness equal to you and me.

The next blog to go to will be the creator of Punky Scraps call Nat, please click on this link to her blog . Hope you all enjoyed all the fav layout that the designers have shared so far! See you all around the blog soon!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Me

Hello everyone! Is my turn to do a post at scrapyourself's blog today. This is my first time sharing my creation there too and I am pretty excited about it. All the DT members will be scrapping about themselves from A to Z! Therefore do pop by to get inspired by them and start creating about yourself.

I am being assigned to the letter "J". Here is my take on on it:
I have decided on "Just Me" and so I am sharing a little info about myself in this LO.

Hope you all like what I shared today!
Thanks for popping by my blog.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

my obession

Little something about me.
Do you know I loves toy camera?? yup I do!
So I decided to scrap a photo of them. I started of by painting gesso on certain part of the page followed by taking circle shape and spray mist over it hence it created those 4 semi circle at the back of the page. Distress those papers and made the flower using those trims that I bought. The trims are all so pretty. I went on to layer those papers and this is the outcome of it! I used the colors based on the color room palette #32.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Universal Studio's Album

Today is a rather gloomy day. It's been raining the whole day and the only thing that I want to do is to snuggle under the blanket of mine. So you can imagine the position I am in when I am typing this blog post. :D

I wanna share the album that I have done using October Afternoon papers! I have used the photos that I took at Universal Studio. So here it goes:

my humble little album:

cover page
1st & 2nd page
3rd & 4th page
5th & 6th page
7th & 8th page
9th & 10th page
last 2 pages!
p/s: my very first time completing an album. hehe
normally I am a procrastinator!

Hope you all like what I have shared today :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Registered Sweet Item!

This bouquet of flowers have been registered as one of my fav "sweet" items! I played with Gesso and misting in this LO, but I think is not very obvious? Shall try it again! I have draw the lines to do long journaling to remind myself how this came aboutt and all the funny things that had happen on the day. :) I have created 3 different colored flowers out of the scalloped punch. It was really fun making it and I try to mist it and was wondering what colors would be nice. Any suggestions on what colors is the "MUST" have glimmer mist? Do let me know so that I can keep a look out on it! There is simply too much choices available in the market now. I have joined the twopeasinabucket challenge for "Pink Paislee" papers and I saw many gorgeous LO that other scrapper have done for it! They are all so talented!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mini Card Album

Hello everyone! I am here to share a Mini Card Album which I have done for my twin friend quite a while back. I have printed out all her fav photos of herself to come up with this. Left some spaces for her to do some journalling for herself!

cover page of the mini card album.

I have quite productive for this long weekend! I completed an album on my universal studio trip! Will share with you all once I got the time to snap photos of it! Meanwhile, do keep on scrapping! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scrappy Saturday!

yes! i made it for another Saturday! how time flies... is the month of November! I am here to share a LO that I have done quite a while back. I have used photos that we took when we went for our holiday in HongKong! It's been a while thou. :) All the papers are from the older collections and I think I am much of a hoarder back then. Hopefully from now on I am not anymore. :) See you all around ya!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

She is beautiful.

I have made use of TCR color palette #30 to come up with this LO last night. Came home after work and I am so eager to finish this up but it just took so long as something seemed to be missing! But after hours I finally settled with this. Do head over to join the challenge as well ! Sometime with the color combination, it actually pushes you to use colors that you will never use and somehow the LO's color combination turns out to be really good. Do give it a try! :D

This is my niece! She is really beautiful and I absolutely love this photo hence decided to use it. Spent much time rolling the papers so that it turns out to be like a fencing image. TFL! :)

Sketch 100 - Pencilines

Finally Thursday is here ! Here comes my long weekend. This morning, I went to Pencilines website to have a look and guess what ? My Layout "Guess Who" which is based on Pencilines sketch 100 won "My Little Shoebox" rak. I think I have never been so lucky to win a prize before. Thank you pencilines! Head over to check out all the other winners. links to see other winners

Back to the long weekend, I have so many things that I want to do but there are just so little time! I am hoping that I can at least scrap 2 or more LO this weekend. Alright, is time to get back to work!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hello everyone. How have you been doing? This week is gonna be a very short week for most Singaporean. Why? there is a public holiday on Friday! yippee. So I can't wait for Friday to come soon. I have done up my first sketch provided by Scrapwithv which is designed by Kim! This is my very first assignment :)

So here's my take on the sketch!
I have wanted to use this photo for the longest time but I was just so lazy to do it until now.
I am loving the glimmer mist - coffeeshop ! It somehow work wonders on the layout itself.

Hope you all enjoyed what I have shared!
Do join us over at Scrapwithv for Nov Sketch and see what the rest of the
talented designers have comes up with!

Monday, November 1, 2010


I am late for a day! I am sharing this LOs that I have done quite a while back.
I love Shasha Goh. She is my twin's dog and also the first dog that I am not scare of! :)
I have always been afraid of dogs, cats and practically any moving creatures!
I am slowly trying my best to overcome this. hee
but yet somehow is very tough to do so.
Anyway, this LOs is done for the color room #28 color combination.
It was a pretty fast layout that I have done.
Hope you all like it! :)

Today is an awesome day, the bf gave me a surprise!
He bought me to Night Safari for Halloween night.
It's my first time going and also first time for Halloween night.
We took plentiful of photos and I must say that I am a scary cat!
I got scared easily by those fake ghosts who just popped out of nowhere!
Overall I had a fun fun night.
Hopefully I can scrap print and scrap those photos soon. :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Scrapwithv Design Team

Excited!!! I made it into the Design Team for Scrapwithv !
This is my first time on a design team and
I can't wait to work with all these talented crafters around the globe. :)


Saturday, October 23, 2010


I am loving this color combination. I have done this for TCR #29.
I have used my glimmer mist in chalkboard pink here too.
This is the first time that I have combine the color scheme with a sketch! hee.
Do give it a try if you all have the time! :D


HOT HOT from the oven!
I am pretty productive today. The bf went for his chruch encounter camp and friends all too busy and had no time for me too. So I spend my afternoon scrapping and scrapping!
I have done this to join the pencilines based on Sketch 100.

I have used Lilybee range of papers!
As usual my tattered mist - lime green.
I have mist the chipboard with coffee brown mist.

Hope you all like what I have shared today! :)

KCK Featured Opportunity

Hello! I am earlier by a day :D Remember the vouchers that I got from KCK? I am so glad and honored that I am invited by KCK to be featured on their blog! So here is the goodies that i got from KCK!

I made use of these supplies to come up with this LO!

Detailed view of the LO.

I have made use of the KCK glittering glamour range of papers, they are so flowery and sweet! I have used them by layering it with the cardstock sticker that I got from KCK! The stickers are so pretty and easy to use too! And not to mention, it have many different designs in a single sheet to choose from. I want the LO to have a girly feel, so I added the handmade stickers that I got from KCK. The lovely mannequin stickers along with the rose stickers are very unique and I like the way it is to be on my LO! Head over to KCK to join Challenge #2 now! :)

Supplies used:
1) KCK Cardstock Stickers - item no: 317002
2) KCK Glittering Chipboard Embellishment Stickers - Item CB512

3) KCK Handmade Stickers - item 3306

4) Glittering Glamour Papers - 12115, 12096, 12061

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Featured - Websters

HAPPY Tuesday! While I am on the bus to way this morning, I checked my email and I received an email from Websters saying "Your photo "OCTOBER CHALLENGE: {Happiness = You + Me}" was just featured on inspireME." . My LO was being featured on webster page! Spot my LO! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

{Happiness = You & Me}

{Happiness = You & Me}
here come happy saturday!
I love using webster pages. They are simply lovely and sweeet!
I have make use of tulle, webster ribbon trims, pearls and a handmade rose for the dress form.
I love how it turn out to be. And I kinda get this inspirations from a movie scene.
A couple was kissing and it shows the reflection of them on the window of a shop.
hopes you all get what i mean :X
I love webster's stickers too!
Comes with butterflies, heart shaped and all the lovely border stickers.
Webster's buttons are very pretty too.
Hope you all like this ! :D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

hello! is middle of the week! hopes everyone is doing great! I have been going to hot yoga for this week. Pretty tiring but it actually relax the body and not to say it have the benefits as explained below! And and the price of it is awesome. 7 days unlimited at $10 deal ! :)

Hot yoga is yoga practiced in a heated room of approximately 38 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the body sweats profusely, and the heart rate speeds up. As the blood flows throughout the body and the sweat pours from the body, the system purifies itself of all toxins. The heat warms up the muscles which allows for increased and improved flexibility in a short and safe amount of time. Students will be guided through asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises), which are strategically placed together to bring maximum flexibility and healing to both the body and mind.

My layout {Simply love to take foto} have been selecteed as
Layout of the week at MWL.


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here comes Saturday again!
How times flies ! Mum have been away for holiday for one week.
But Thank goodness, I am don't need to wash the clothes -_-
all thanks to my da sao's maid.

I have decided to create this LO for a DT call. Hopefully I can make it. :)
I have done this using the webster page.
Ain't webster papers so sweet and lovely?
Took this photo using miss chooi's spec! so she contributed a little to this LO. hee
I have used flowers from Prima Marketing, crystals, crochet, pearls and some scrap papers to come up with this.
Not forgetting about the designed cut out matting :)
Hope you all like it! :D
I will be back with more LOs soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

$30 Voucher

Hi peeps! Remembered I joined the KCK challenge a while back?
I was picked as the 3rd winner and I won myself a $30 voucher!
weeeeee... so happy!! shall continue to scrap more :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

{Simply love to take FOTO}

Hello everyone. I'm here again to share what I have managed to come up with last night! I took 2 Sassafrass Lass paper from different series {Count Me In} and {Mix and Mend} to come up with this LO. This LO is full of scallops and more scallops. I tried to use all the products that is with scallops including the border papers, ribbons and I cut out shaped of scallops and layered it. I have done some roll up flowers and it is pretty easy to do and it was fun making it! So do give it a try! I used tattered glimmer mist to mist the half circle to form a scallop too. The color that I used here is Strawberry Shortcake. Hope you all like this! Thanks for looking! Hope to share more of my creations very soon :)

{Simply love to take FOTO}