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Monday, November 1, 2010


I am late for a day! I am sharing this LOs that I have done quite a while back.
I love Shasha Goh. She is my twin's dog and also the first dog that I am not scare of! :)
I have always been afraid of dogs, cats and practically any moving creatures!
I am slowly trying my best to overcome this. hee
but yet somehow is very tough to do so.
Anyway, this LOs is done for the color room #28 color combination.
It was a pretty fast layout that I have done.
Hope you all like it! :)

Today is an awesome day, the bf gave me a surprise!
He bought me to Night Safari for Halloween night.
It's my first time going and also first time for Halloween night.
We took plentiful of photos and I must say that I am a scary cat!
I got scared easily by those fake ghosts who just popped out of nowhere!
Overall I had a fun fun night.
Hopefully I can scrap print and scrap those photos soon. :)

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