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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

15th dec 2009

Today is the bdae of my two brother! happy 21st birthday to my lil bro and my elder bro! may you all stay happy always! (:

This is the birthday card done within 30 mins for his lil surprise bdae celebration for his surprise guests to sign on!

And big shout out to miss goh "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". Nothing big nothing special. Just a simple dinner and mahjong-ing session for her. Hope she enjoyed herself! Stay pretty here. So here is something that i have done for her. A simple mini-album. Hopes she likes it! (:

The festive of loves and giving of the month! Lots of celebrations to look forward too.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

my week.

hOhohoho.. is the month of October! my first entry. (:

Summary of this week! i watched Phobia 2 which is recommended by my cousin's bf's friend. Is pretty stupid and not link in some of the stories but i think the last story is the nicest of all and it did really make us laugh out loud! Is our first date together. haa. After the movie we had mos burger for dinner! Finally some photos to share !

pretty cousin with bf ----> Take 1 (very shy!)


pretty cousin with bf ----> Take 2 (much nicer!)


and followed by us!


and i muz say that i really love their vespa! is very cuteeee!! let me show u all! is baby blue with white dots and their matching helmet. (:


I am superwoman! Sunday i reached home at 2am , bath den straight to slp! woke up at 7am for work and after work went out with my cousin! so tues and wed is a rest day after work! i think i suffering from the hangover of f1. haha. And yesterday, i finally met up with miss tan at shaw. We had yummy and cheap Thai food and it is seriously comparable to Thai express which is so so much over rated and expensive!! And this is something that i made for her! (: hope she likes it!



let me show u my 4.50sgd phat thai! haha. super worth it! no GST and service charge! haha and the tom yam soup is nice too and is a big pot of it. miss tan had glass noodle which is same price as mine! (: and sinful cause we were so full and couldn't finish and i ate 6 prawns in total since miss tan dun eat seafood!




after dinner we went opposite for Tom's Palette which is the second ice cream that i had tried on my list which i posted earlier on. hehe and i tell u is really nice! i tried the blueberry cheesecake and granny's favourite and i totally love e granny's favourite which is a chocolate ice cream with malt. super yummy and the price is so so reasonable! definitely worth MANY tries!




These are the yummy hand made ice cream!! slurp... (:


the wall that you can write flavours that u suggest them making! and the small little shop that makes super nice ice -cream (:


we shopped ard after all the eating! and i pyscho her to buy 1 dress and 1 top! haha and home sweet home after that. Despite being so tired, we can't seemed to hail a cab home! miss tan is the curse. ahha. I can even stand on the road, so u can imagine there is no car at all! aha

and and and! i will upload the f1 pics on previous post by tonight! and i'm meeting the girls later ! hur hur. be back to update soon!

*i love post that are filled with happy photos. :P*

Monday, September 14, 2009

my saturday.

so fast! is sunday 11.02pm. (: i had a fufilling saturday. Attended a scrapping class making a mini album to mark the birth of an angel . But i have yet decided what photos to put it in! anyway, i had fun! i think is very relaxing and get to learn many new things and many gadgets to use to make e album pretty ! and i think really need a hair cut soon! my hair is so messy! (:

Photos of the album made! so pretty and sweet.


fun people who joined the class.




After the lesson, we went over to Brandon's hse to attend his baby girl's one year old birthday!

she is simply very cute. some photos to share!


she just smile so brightly and happy when she saw the red light on my camera! haha


the present and loving family.


the handmade banner!


and the theme is mickey mouse. ahha i went over to see kieren and kaley! played hide and seek with him. he is damn funny ! and he told me he very sad when he can't find me and thot i went home. and tats so sweet of him! haha but there is another side of him who is so terror! oh ya! and friday night miss chia came over my place to pass me some winter clothing and packed my wardrode with me! haha. now is so neat and clean! and took out clothes that i can wear to work! so i do not need to worry i got nothing to wear for work! heeee (:

Monday, August 31, 2009

my niece (:


okay! this is the layout i created for August 2009 - Aida's Scrap by Numbers Challenge. A very simple Layout to signify the birth date of baby kaley and how much joy, happiness and lots of laughter she bought into our daily life and especially the things that i love about her, for eg her fat thighs! hahaha

Monday, August 17, 2009

layout of the week #40 of MWL


my layout is being selected as Layout of the week #40 at MWL.

yipppeeeeEEE!!! totally unexpected. BUT i am motivated to scrap even more now! (:


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i went to trim eye brown today!
finally i'm not so lazy for once.
i actually took a mrt down myself.
and walk all e way from little india to bugis to take bus to Marina sq.
anddddd......i did brazilian waxing today!
my very FIRST time.
i won't say is not PAIN at all.
but now having promo 1 for 1.
so is quite worth a try.
this is my expression after doing it! ahhhaha

okok. side track a lil.
this afternoon, i did a card for serene chia's birthday!

met up with serene, lover, lyn for steamboat (xian de lai) and lil celebration for
miss chia's 23rd birthday
ate super long of golden mushroom!

head over to ah chew desset stall!
i like the hei lou mi with ice cream, so nice!
as for e mango i still prefer e acarde one. damn nice. hee
surprise her with a lil small cake.

tat pretty much sum up my day! cheerios.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


i am feeling loved!
and life still carry on. (:
and this layout is done sometime way way back.
and i got poor memory.
did i post it up yet?
hmm. i don't think so right?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forever happiness

edges are being made tattered and torn
ink with black distressed ink.
i used a bit of e mesh pink paper! (:

ok. saw e stitches??
i hand sewn them! my very first attempt to sew.
but will definitely sew better the next time round.
a simple layout with lil embellishments.

a gift to sharon as i can't make it to her wedding...

michelle ! you will do better than me
and prove sbd wrong. ahhaa (:

oh ya! my scrapping lil corner whr i put my suppliers.
is super messy thou.
will arrange it nicely after my exam!