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Saturday, October 3, 2009

my week.

hOhohoho.. is the month of October! my first entry. (:

Summary of this week! i watched Phobia 2 which is recommended by my cousin's bf's friend. Is pretty stupid and not link in some of the stories but i think the last story is the nicest of all and it did really make us laugh out loud! Is our first date together. haa. After the movie we had mos burger for dinner! Finally some photos to share !

pretty cousin with bf ----> Take 1 (very shy!)


pretty cousin with bf ----> Take 2 (much nicer!)


and followed by us!


and i muz say that i really love their vespa! is very cuteeee!! let me show u all! is baby blue with white dots and their matching helmet. (:


I am superwoman! Sunday i reached home at 2am , bath den straight to slp! woke up at 7am for work and after work went out with my cousin! so tues and wed is a rest day after work! i think i suffering from the hangover of f1. haha. And yesterday, i finally met up with miss tan at shaw. We had yummy and cheap Thai food and it is seriously comparable to Thai express which is so so much over rated and expensive!! And this is something that i made for her! (: hope she likes it!



let me show u my 4.50sgd phat thai! haha. super worth it! no GST and service charge! haha and the tom yam soup is nice too and is a big pot of it. miss tan had glass noodle which is same price as mine! (: and sinful cause we were so full and couldn't finish and i ate 6 prawns in total since miss tan dun eat seafood!




after dinner we went opposite for Tom's Palette which is the second ice cream that i had tried on my list which i posted earlier on. hehe and i tell u is really nice! i tried the blueberry cheesecake and granny's favourite and i totally love e granny's favourite which is a chocolate ice cream with malt. super yummy and the price is so so reasonable! definitely worth MANY tries!




These are the yummy hand made ice cream!! slurp... (:


the wall that you can write flavours that u suggest them making! and the small little shop that makes super nice ice -cream (:


we shopped ard after all the eating! and i pyscho her to buy 1 dress and 1 top! haha and home sweet home after that. Despite being so tired, we can't seemed to hail a cab home! miss tan is the curse. ahha. I can even stand on the road, so u can imagine there is no car at all! aha

and and and! i will upload the f1 pics on previous post by tonight! and i'm meeting the girls later ! hur hur. be back to update soon!

*i love post that are filled with happy photos. :P*

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