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Monday, September 29, 2008

some random photos took!

so we had a lil celebration for elyn's birthday before she flew to bkk!

a lil surprised for her since she wasn't aware that we bought the cake for her.
we had steamboat at bugis. the food is niceee..
and michelle ate a lot a lot of golden mushroom and the chili is power!

the chili is mixed by michelle!
spicy and nice.

first round of steamboat

see the amount of golden mushroom..
this is only 1 of the many plates that we took!

pretty elyn and michelle
and finally i can post a photo of elyn! ahah

the 3 of us!
enjoying the steamboat
no matter hw much they ate they still don't feel full !

ta-deh! den came the cake.
her face was red because we sang the birthday song quite loud and she was shy! :)

a lil bdae card tat i made!
hope you like it ya...
thou i know you don't like the photos inside ahha

edddiee you are not forgotten!
and thanks for the steamboat treats. :)

sorry for leaving early eh!
we will have another round of steamboat very soon right!!!
this is a super late post, think was 1 or 2 week back.
i am lazy!
elyn hope you enjoyed urself tat day :)