Scrapbook Resume

Monday, July 14, 2008



went for a mini crop at Leena's place! she was really a good host.
and i have learnt quite a bit from her! hope that there will be a next one soon..
i am super happy becuz i have done 2 LO. thou 1 is not yet completed. hee
not forgetting ethan! the way he speak is really cute!



total there is 3 of us who went.
Valerie. Pammy and Me...!

stayed there till 8pm and miss serene came to fetch me!
off we went to holland village for dinner and chilling session.
had dinner at sushi tei and initially wanted to go over to cold rock for ice-cream.
but was pretty crowded. so we walked ard and chanced upon somewhr quiet and nice.

photos taken at sushi tei

i dunno what is this call. but this is really niceee ..

miss serene bought along her holga camera.
this is our first time using it! so not quite sure how the effect will turn out to be.
so must be patient and wait for the outcome when she develop it!

photos while chilling.
and guess what?
while we were gossiping and chit-chatting.
2 familiar faces pop up !!
so coincidental .. it was mr andy and jianhao with their fren poh. =)

our drinks.

some random photos that we took!

Ended the day with pic taken outside Frolicks!
oh ya. my twins for e day. miss serene.
we wore similarly. not planned at all.
it was a fun night ya! more to come k.
drive manual car more often serene! train leg muscle!!! ahha