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Sunday, November 16, 2008

subaru challenge 2008, scrapbooking, layputs, halloween party

my photography skills is really not good. haha

pls make do with it !
so this is the full LO that i have done up ! :)

rem i mentioned doing another LO on friendship...
so here is goes.....

some long over due photos due to my procrastination.
there was this wed that ser, peiyi and me in search of costume for ser's Halloween party!
so this are all the hilarious photos that we took.
not many but it was fun !

Guess who is that??? sweeet peiyi in fairy tale dress

Another event that happen lately is the Subaru Challenge 2008

"tadeh!" so here is my er jie who took part in it!

so being very supportive of us.
we went down.
and stayed till her very first 5 mins break every 7 hours. haha

and that night was raining heavily and i tot she must have given up!
but to my surprise.. she did not. she managed to hang on to the very next day when da jie and me went down to support her again!
so her record is 24 hrs and 38 mins. haha
tats all for the past few weeekksss!
and i'm glad i have nice friends! :)

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