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Sunday, May 25, 2008

random stuff

this was done like a few weeks back.. using photos that we took on our first trip tgt to bkk back in year 2006.
Uses a mixture of flower and finally used the K&CO sticker flower that i bought longg time ago when i just started scrapping. =)


This baby is so cuteee. and the photo is like very clear and focus to the point.. i like!

cupcake are lovee..

i want to get nikon d60 very soooonnnnn! ! can take nice picccc.... =)

my sister borrowed me this doodle formula book! this book teaches many types of doodling that you can do.
very nice doodling although this is not the lastest doodle book by Adrienne Looman i think but still i find this useful!

ok! shall stop surfing the net and get back to studies! =p

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