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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

little words of mine.

little words of mine: i started scrap-booking in uni year 1 and that's when I'm about 19 years old?
and time really flew pass and now I'm already 23 and to be exact should be 24 in two months times. (: I remembered back then i used to go to madewithlove almost every week on Thursday as is the day where there are many new arrivals products! So with that, it also indicate that i spent quite a far bit each time i went there! But luckily for me, my sis is the scrapaholics for life (SFL) member there, so i always got discount for the stuffs that i buy! Throughout the years i attended various courses with my sis and till date my passion for scrap booking has not decreases in a bit.

I always admire how talented other scrappers are and the beautiful LOs that they creates. Hopping that just one day i can just be like them. (: During the past few weeks, scrapping had been on my mind and i just kept doing it, i realized that more and more inspirations and mojo came. Hope i can stick to one LO a week! (: Cheers.

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