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Sunday, January 2, 2011


oh my. Is been 11 days since my last post. I am really busy with Christmas and new year celebrations! Past 3 days, I was at the chalet with my family and bf. We had lots of fun and laughter playing xbox, bbq-ing and bowling. Yet at the same time I misses my bedroom! The chalet at downtown east is not clean at all. Sticky and oily flooring, mosquitoes, flies and guess what! We even saw a cockroach there! I hope this year we will book a better standard chalet instead of this. This is freaking me out. haha. I am clean freak :x I have quite a few layouts to share with you guys today. It the start of a brand new year! have you done up your resolution? Let me share the January sketch at scrapwithv. This month sketch is done by Ness herself! :)

January 2011 Sketch

Here is my take based on the Sketch. I have used photos from our first kite-flying session! The orange kite is called the "SMILEY". I love how bright the colors is. Since it is our first kite flying, I always thought that the one who is holding the kite will have to run in order to let the kite fly up into the sky but I was totally wrong! As long as the is wind, not much of a running needed to be done! hehe We had a fun time that night! Will definitely go kite flying sometime very soon! Do join us to create a layout based on the sketch! :)

Hello everyone! My layout is being published in ScrapStreet and I will be back to display this Layout once it is published. :)

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